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Fly an Airplane

What do you say? You get ready this Saturday and fly!
You can do it.

Go to the flight training school nearest you and tell them that you want an introductory flight where you can control the plane once it is up in the air so that you can get a feel for whether you want to take training. It isn't very expensive and can last about a half an hour or so. People do it often, and the flight schools love the situation.

A flight instructor will go up with you and give you a briefing about the airplane etc. The instructor from the flight school is there because you never flew an airplane and you might crash it without some instruction Ha Ha!

Cessna 172 -

This is the plane that I flew many times over New England.

I flew others as well and never owned one of them. They are rentals, and most medium sized airports that aren't major transport hubs have a rental place.

To take a plane out on your own they need to see your pilot's license, and they'll rent a plane to you often without a referral.

The rates are usually by the hours of flight time, not for the amount of time that you have the plane, so that is a consideration.

The Cessna 172 below is a 4 seater and can carry luggage behind the last row of seats. It has a 150 HP engine.

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