It's Saturday! Hey ride a bike.

Saturday is a great day (like any other really) to ride a bike.

When I was 4 1/2, I got my first 2 wheeled bike.

I remember that I fell and scraped my knee. My father put iodine on it and said that, by the time I got married, I wouldn't remember the fall at all.

On my wedding day more than 20 years later, I reminded him that he said that.

HaHa! But besides that incident riding a bike is a tremendous amount of fun. There are many kinds of bikes that you can try, as well.

I like the style, where the handlebars are high enough so that I don't have to lean forward.

I have some friends that like to go very fast and want to lean forward to reduce the drag from the air that they will have to move.

Me, I don't care about that I want to be sitting up straight and looking around, especially at the girls. Get a bike and have the time of your life on it - now.

Bike girls -


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