Motorcycle maniac!

I am and will be in the future.

Saturday is a great day to get on the motorcycle for a long day trip.

This is the first day of my trip to Canada for 2 weeks.

I love long trips and will do more before I die. A great way to spend a Saturday is on a motorcycle riding through the back country near your home.

If you don't have a motorcycle or a license to drive one, maybe your friend who has one can take you out on the back of his/hers.

They are a breathtaking way to travel!

Goldwing 1500 and trailer -

My dad loved his Yamaha motorcycle and travelled in his spare time all around the area where we lived in New Bedford, Ma.

He loved the country backroads as I do now. Check out my dad and his Yamaha motorcycle in the picture below.

Dad on motorcycle -

Saturday things to do