Pro bed jumper

That was me all right!

It was quite a while ago, but I remember the thrill of jumping on my bed and trying not to hit the ceiling with my head.

As I had mentioned in the description for this piece, when I was a younger boy my sister, and I had put both of our beds together to have a greater area for jumping.

It was really cool until I got my foot caught between the beds and sprained my ankle.

That part sucked as I couldn't walk for a little while.

So here is the lesson: Don't hurt your self but being a really good bed jumper is for some of us an important developmental step in our lives.

If you haven't achieved this skill already, then try when no one can catch you doing it.

As long as you don't weight like 300 lbs it should be fine .. well maybe not but what the heck. Break the bed and have a ball.

Pro Bed Jumper -


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