If you like a Ukulele Lady - Ukulele Lady like a you.

Saturday is her ukulele day when she is in the mood for some music.

Hui-Ling likes the ukulele and Saturday will be a perfect day with no work to speak of and a full day of fun for her.

The ukulele gets played quite easily as it has only 4 strings and an easy tuning.

The pressure needed to press the strings down onto the frets is a gentle one, so a learner has no problem strumming it a long.

If you want to try to play a ukulele, you can find them brand new for about $35.00 and up in music stores near you.

This one was about a hundred and a little more for the electronics that were put in to be able to plug it into the public address system and play it louder for a larger crowd.

You can always use a microphone if needed so don't worry about electronic pick up systems.

Hui-Ling plays a ukulele - www.saturday-Fun.com


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